Frequently Asked Questions

My child's bus does not show up on the map. What should I do?
Changes happen every day in school transportation. Buses are occasionally substituted or undergo regular maintenance. In these scenarios, the transportation staff at your student’s school or district has the ability to make that switch in the SafeStop system so that you can track your student's bus every day to and from school. If these changes are not made by the transportation staff, buses may not show up on the map for you to view. If this is the case, please contact us at and we will work with your school or district to fix this issue as quickly as possible.
Why does SafeStop update every 30 seconds?
SafeStop takes information directly from the GPS unit on board each school vehicle (these units are provided by the school or district – not SafeStop). Most GPS providers in the school transportation industry configure their units to send out information every 30 seconds. So while SafeStop is currently limited by the amount of information received from these vehicles, we are confident that the industry will continue to advance and provide more frequent GPS data in the near future.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your service, email Customer Support at with your first and last name, your student’s name and the date that you plan to stop using the service. We will cancel your subscription and no additional charges will be incurred beyond the cancelation date requested. If SafeStop is included in your school or district’s transportation services at no cost to parents, then no additional action is required.
The Map View Bus Locator is not working.
If the live Map View is not working on your app, please contact us at and we will work with the school or district to determine if there is a malfunction of the GPS unit installed on the bus servicing your student’s route.
Where can I find my student’s School Code or Student ID?
Our registration process is unmatched in the industry. We require users to enter either a unique School Code or a valid Student ID in order to gain access to SafeStop. If you do not know your Student ID number or did not receive the School Code, contact the Administration Office of your student’s school and they will be able to provide it to you.
I received a message stating that my student is not in the SafeStop system.
The SafeStop system is built with student roster information provided by our customers (schools). Most often when the SafeStop system does not recognize a Student ID, it is because the student may not be currently eligible or registered for transportation services with the school or district, and therefore has not been entered into the SafeStop system as an eligible passenger. If you receive this message and feel the information is incorrect, please contact the school or district’s Administration Office to verify your student’s eligibility and Student ID number. For security purposes, SafeStop is not legally authorized to give out any personal information related to students attending the schools we service. Once you have obtained the proper Student ID for your student, please return to the SafeStop app to complete the registration process.
I have two students attending different schools/using different routes. How do I set this up in my app?
If your students attend schools whose school codes vary, you will need to complete the registration process for each school using that unique school code provided by the administration. If both schools use student id for the registration process, simply access the menu option in the upper left of the app and select “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS” to add your second student.
How do I add a stop to my app?
Login to your account and select “Add a Stop”. If you would like to search for stops near your home, enter a nearby street address and postal (ZIP) code in the appropriate boxes and click “Search” to view a list of available routes in your area. If you receive an error message stating that an address could not be determined, please make sure you are entering a street number and a valid postal code.
Do I have to renew my subscription each school year?
Yes – and renewing is easy! From the home page of, click “Sign Up Now” to begin the renewal process. Enter your home ZIP code and select your child’s school name from the available list. Depending on your registration type, you will again be asked for your child’s Student ID Number or this year’s School Code. (If you do not have this information, please contact your school.) Once you have completed the renewal process for your subscription, you can start using the SafeStop app right away!